Sony Play Station Vita Slim and Inexpensive Gaming Console

sonyplaystationvitaThese days, there is a boom of play station in today’s generation. Some people are so much crazy for gaming that they are desperately waiting for the new version of gaming gadgets as well as for latest version of the games. Therefore, play station manufacturers release their Play stations, which are full of advanced features on a regular basis. You can see a lot of people playing games on their play station at various places like in metros, trains and buses. Recently, Sony announced to launch its Play Station Vita console in the market. Sony decides to sell this Play Station Vita on a sale in the UK market and the price of this Play Station is around £180 which is £50 cheaper than the original Play Station Vita launched by Sony.

Earlier, Sony launched this Play Station Vita in Japan only, but then Sony decided to launch this Play Station Vita in all across the world. Sony launches this version of Play Station Vita 20percent thinner as compared to the original Play Station Vita. The thickness of this device is around 15mm only (deepest protrusion is not included). It weighs only 219 grams. In original Play Station Vita there was a proprietary charger for charging purposes, but in the latest version of Play Station Vita there is a standard USB connector through which a user can charge this gadget easily. USB port, single HDMI, power ports and Ethernet are present on its back side while white power LED is present on its front side. A power button is fixed on the top of this device and Vita game card slot is present behind a rubber door.

Sony PlayStation Vita

Sony Play Station Vita comes with an HDMI cable and a USB cable only. But it requires a Vita memory card and a gamepad for proper functioning of this gadget. As the internal storage of this device is 1GB therefore, the value pack is a far much better choice to buy. The value pack of Sony Play Station Vita consist a white Dual Shock 3 controller and an 8GB Vita memory card due to which any user can easily use this device up to its optimum level. The control scheme of this gadget is fully Japanese that means ‘O’ means confirm and ‘X’ means cancel while American control scheme options are totally opposite to this. The buttons of this gadget are slightly more sensitive as compared to the previous one.

The main features of this Play Station Vita are that it is less expensive, smaller in size, massive retro library and a Dual Shock 3 controller. One can also add free games in this gadget by joining PlayStation plus membership. The other feature of Japanese PlayStation Vita is that you can set the Menus of this device in English. This feature is not available in American PlayStation Vita due to which any user cannot log into the American PlayStation store from the Japanese PlayStation Vita. This will create a lot of problems for the users. In Japanese PlayStation Vita, you can easily set the Menus in English. In short, it is a must buy gadget for everyone.

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