The smart glass from Samsung – Galaxy Glass

Galaxy GlassThe next company to challenge most reputed company’s glass will be Samsung. Samsung has decided to launch its own smart glasses by the name Galaxy Glass. According to the local newspaper of Korea, Samsung has decided to keep its Galaxy smart glasses at IFA trade fare in Berlin. This trade show will run from Sep 5-10. And it is expected that, Google will not be shock from this release by Samsung. Similar to the Galaxy Gear smart watch, this smart Glass will also be connected to the smart phone and will display the notifications and other information to the user. Now we will see the detailed design and reviews of this galaxy glass.

According to the experts, Galaxy gear made its first public appearance in last year’s IFA trade show. But the reviews of it were not very good. The price was too high and was not easily available and it can’t be used in normal conditions. But the company promised to modify this watch and release with more features next year. But before the modified gear watch or galaxy glass, Samsung will launch the Galaxy S5 in March or April, this year. This will give you better experience of using Galaxy Glass by connecting it with Galaxy S5.

The price of this smart glass was not unrevealed by the company yet. There is a little hint of the design of this smart glass. The earphones will be fixed inside this glass which will help users to attend the calls and listening music while driving or during workouts. This device will have the option to connect with their smart phones that will display notifications via eyepiece. The lens will be translucent or transparent. The features are expected to be similar as the Google’s Glass with just little modifications. The device is expected to be connected with a charger.

As the technology is improving day by day, the bigger companies are coming up with innovative ideas and giving the world of gadgets something unique and classy. Some years back, one could not even think about such devices but the technology is challenging your ideas every day. The galaxy gear and galaxy glass or Google glass are very trendy gadgets and will define the class of the person whosoever will be equipped with it. The smart glass is a concept of wearable device that will bring new era in terms of communication.

Company is not willing to reveal the features and specifications at such early stage. The software and hardware configurations will be revealed by the company in mid of this year most probably. This device is expected to work on Android operating system. Today’s generation and market are demanding more and more from the gadgets world. That is why the reputed companies have to come up with the innovative ideas to fulfil their needs. Everything is getting hi-tech nowadays, so are the people. This smart glass will take technology to new heights. Now you have to wait for the updates and other information regarding this smart glass by the company.

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