Attractive Lenovo Think pad twist Surfaced

lenovo thinkpad twistEarlier companies just focus on improving configurations of the laptops with a little change in the design. But now as the technology is changing and getting better day by day, various reputed companies are also changing the designs of the laptops with more attractive designs. After HP, now Lenovo is the only company to launch the twisted laptop. The display of this laptop can be twisted to any direction. This can also form a touch screen slate. The main thing about this laptop is that it can be rotated on the centre axis and also folds to form a tablet. The detailed specifications and features of this twisted laptop of Lenovo will be discussed further.

Firstly we will see the design of this laptop. By designing this laptop, Lenovo has moved out of its comfort zone. Lenovo was known for making simple design laptops with improved configurations. But after designing this twisted laptop, the standards of this company will improve much now. The keyboard and button less click pad are the features to see in this laptop. This think pad has thin top lid and rounded corners. It also features a sharper and thinner design. The twist feature of this think pad is something that will attract the users very much.

Thinkpad Twist

The complete hardware and software specifications will be discussed in this section. The size of the screen is 12.5 inch. It will be fun watching movies and playing games on such sharper and brighter display. This think pad supports 1.7 GHz Intel core i5 processor. It features 4 GB RAM also. The processor is very much improved that helps in much faster processing of the tasks. The response time of the operations you perform is very quick. The RAM also provides the multitasking at great speed. The storage capacity is enough for the normal users. It has got 500 GB hard disk. You can store your movies and any private stuff in it. It also supports Intel graphics card which provides good gaming experience for the users. The operating system that this think pad supports is Windows 8. The dimension of this laptop is 12.3 * 9.3 inches.

This was all about the configurations that will surely help you to think before you buy this attractive model of Lenovo. The price of this twisted think pad is $899 which is not much for this model of Lenovo. It also supports two USB ports and memory card reader. This think pad is touch screen with 1366 * 768 pixels. The battery life of this laptop is also improved a lot. You should definitely try this twisted model of Lenovo’s think pad because it provides everything for a normal as well as business user. This laptop will surely give competition to some other major brands that have produced such convertible laptops like Dell and Toshiba. Some high points about this think pad are its twisted and sleek design, storage and performance. Whereas low points can be that the screen resolution is slightly on the lower side and battery life is also average.

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