Advanced Intel 3D camera Launched

intelWith the improving technology, companies are also taking advantage of the technology to make high tech gadgets nowadays. Intel is also planning to launch its 3D camera for laptops and tablets that will be a huge success if the plan succeeds. The company has decided to launch 2D and 3D camera to its devices like tablets and laptops. In the International Consumer Electronic Show, company made an announcement about the launch of its new 3D camera in the laptops and tablets. The motive of the company is to cut down the prices of devices by embedding the 3D camera in it. Various demonstrations were presented there for the new camera including 3D scanning, gaming and photography. This camera will provide the best gaming experience and also the photography experience to the users. The reviews and features of this camera are discussed in detail below.

This camera will help in understanding the human behaviour. The facial expressions will be easily tracked by this camera and a quick response will be generated by it. Voice improvement will be there and various hand expressions and movement will be detected by this camera. But this technology of Intel will be slightly lower than the Microsoft’s camera. This 3D camera will detect movements, reading habits of children and will also detect emotions. These features will help in changing the technology and vision of this world.

Intel is planning to launch the advanced version of 3D camera that is depth sensing cameras that will link the virtual and real world. The webcam improvement will help the computer to understand human behaviour easily. The interaction in the 3D games and web conferencing will be real fun. These depth cameras will be installed in laptops and tablets in mid of this year. Curves, shapes and characteristics of items will be identified by this camera. The camera will able to identify the size, distance and speed that will help to grow the 3D printing. Eye tracking is also a major function that this camera will use. If you are reading something, then this camera will track that reading information and will able to tell, how much you have read, or stuck on some words or need any sort of help. These functions in the educational field are really phenomenal.

Technology has really improved a lot nowadays and every company is utilizing this high technology for the betterment of its devices. In the coming years, all the laptops and tablets and other gadgets will be purely high tech. Intel has decided to launch this camera in various devices like HP, Acer, Asus, Lenovo, Dell. Intel is also planning to reform Skype, 3D systems, DreamWorks to the newest of its technology. According to the experts, this will really bring a new era in computing world. Technology is changing and improving drastically that it is very difficult for the companies to compete with each other. The 3D world is a great change in the computing world that it will transform lot of things in the coming generation.