Convertible and much refined Sony Vaio Fit 11A Launched

Sony VAIO Fit 11ASony is one of those companies that manufactured the convertible PC. But the PC that it manufactures during those times was really bad. It got really poor reviews from the experts of this gadget. Now the company has launched its new model of convertible PC, which is Fit 11A. It is smaller in size and has got entry in the flip systems of Sony. It features a unique display turning point that can lie down the display over the tablet or keyboard. Sony is known for experimenting with its smart phones and laptops. Despite getting bad reviews from earlier manufactured convertible PC, Sony has decided to launch a similar kind of gadget but in smaller size and more compact design. The full reviews and specifications of this Fit 11A will be discussed in the later section. 

This model has joined the previous 13 and 15 inch flips PC of Sony. As compared to previous models, this one is little thinner and smaller. As the name suggests, it has 11 inch display and the weight of this ultraportable model is just 2.8 pounds. The sleek and compact design of this PC is far better than the previous models. This model will be available in different colours like black, silver, and pink. The colour variants are designed for both girls and boys. The system also includes pen stylus. The main feature of this laptop is that it can be flipped easily.

Now we will discuss about the configuration of this Fit 11A in detail.  It supports Intel’s Pentium processor and is running on 2.16 GHz quad core processor. This quad core processor is so fast in operating tasks and can even perform multiple tasks or parallel tasks. This model features 8 GB RAM. Your laptop will be shut while you blink your eye. It will take a second to shut down the PC. The internal tasks will also be operated quickly. This PC is running on Windows 8.1 operating system which is latest operating system and provides latest features in it. Photoshop and antivirus are preinstalled in this particular PC.

Sony has launched this convertible PC and is giving tough competition to Lenovo’s yoga 2. But it is difficult for the Sony to compete with yoga 2. The price of this Fit 11A is $799 and that of yoga 2 will be $599. The price is a major factor nowadays that cannot be neglected. The company has decided to release this model in February this year. Then it will be available in your nearby stores for just $799. Various high points of this laptop are its clear and bright display of 1080p, its convertible option, high processor, sleek design. There can be some negative points as well. Using keyboard is hard. Using this model with your own hands will be really a great experience. As the technology is improving so are the gadgets. According to the experts, it has a tough competition with yoga 2 but is also worth buying this model. So you to wait a little while to feel this laptop.


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