Wildlife Photographer of the Year Announced: The Key to his success

du-toitThe moment that the whole photography clan had been waiting for is here. The Wildlife photographer of the year 2013 has been announced and he is a photographer of South African Descent, Mr. Greg du Toit. He has amazed one and all by his incredible photography skills. The decision for choosing the right photographer for this award was taken by an international team of judges, who carefully examined all the contenders and finally selected du Toit as the most impressive candidate. The picture that allegedly won him this award is the one with elephants. It is known as the essence of elements. The picture highlights a walking shot of a group of elephants taken in the night time mode. This picture had been taken in the wildlife reserve of Botswana.

When interviewed after winning this prestigious award, Greg du Toit stated that “I wanted to throw caution to the wind”. He meant that the conventional photography must be given a back seat considering the portrayal of a unique capture of wildlife. He credited this success to the energy he feels while staying with the elephants.

Competing in the run for becoming the wildlife photographer of the year were contenders from 96 different countries and there were about 43,000 entries. After grabbing the award for the wildlife photographer of the year, Greg Du Toit’s work will now be exhibited in the National History Museum of London. This is a matter of extreme pride for any photographer.


Another inspirational young photographer is Udayan Rao Pawar, who is just 14 years old and won the award for Young Wildlife Photographer of the year 2013. He captured the image of some ghariyals on the banks of Chambal River in MP, India. This picture had some of the novice ghariyals resting on the back of the big ghariyal. The picture drew attention of most of the judges from the international panel and subsequently, he was adjudged to be the young wildlife photographer of the year.

The entries for wildlife photographer of the year competition are not confined only to the professional photographers; in fact amateurs can also participate in the contest.


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