Apple iPad Air 64 GB (Wi-Fi) Tablet

Apple announces to launch a wonderful and fast speed tablet iPad Air. It will be thinner, lighter weight and more powerful device. iPad Air will be 20 percent thinner and 27 percent lighter than 4th generation tablets. It has 40 percent narrow border than other tablets. The Apple iPad Air will be available in the market for sale in Next month. It will be available in silver, white, gray and black colors. Its price will be approximately Rs.47000.

Apple iPad Air sports a 9.7” Retina display, 64 GB storage capacity, A7 processor and M7 motion chip. A7 processor makes it 8 times faster than the first generation iPad and graphics are 72 times faster by motion chip. The 5MP iSight camera is shooting 1080pixels video, and the Front camera has larger pixels and a backside sensor for best quality image. Apple iPad Air sports dual mics. Battery backup of iPad Air is about 10 hours which is comparatively more than other tablets in the market.

New features in iPad Air are ultrafast wireless Wi-Fi and LTE cellular connectivity. Wi-Fi speed (300 Mbps) is very fast according to the requirement of users these days. 7.9” multi touch display has good more quality than other tablets. Resolution of the display is 2048 x 1536 that gives amazing clarity. At this resolution text, images and videos are very clear.

Apple iPad Air has some other features like distinct function layers, elegant color palette, three times video zooms functionality, user friendly interface, multitasking, subtle in nature, control motor, internet radio, auto focus, five time images zoom feature and internet video. All these features make it ultrafast and performance of this iPad air is better than other iPad tablets. It has many communication features like document viewer, voice commands, E-mail and messaging. By using these features you have a connection with relatives and friends. It has some feature like Facebook, twitter, social networking and YouTube for entertainment.

Apple iPad Air has various applications such as magazines, newspapers, games, education business, health and travel. All these application make it more useable. It has all features which are necessary for a student. Document viewer supports all types of files such as Microsoft office file, PDF file and put files. It can also scan various kinds of files. By using the Bluetooth feature you can share files, audio and video with others. The GPS system is very helpful when you are traveling in an unknown city. It shows the direction from source to destination. Wi-Fi is the main and a new feature in tablets which provide fast speed internet. For business purpose Wi-Fi is the most used feature because internet is a part of business. Apple iPad Air tablet will be available in market after few days. Its price approximately Rs.47000 is best according to the feature. At same price all these features have not been available in the market. So it is one of the best tablets in all available tablets.

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