The New Anamorphic Adapter Lens Launched for iPhone 5/5s

anamorphic adapter lensThe anamorphic adapter lenses are about to kick off the market with storm. They have been announced for iPhone 5/5S. With the help of Anamorphic adapter lens, the user will be able to lock a widescreen video. These kind of lenses came into existence in the 50’s and they were exploited to screen movie shots on 35mm space.

These lenses are very important when it comes to cropping of the pictures. For example, if the user plans to crop the picture horizontally to fit the screen, a large part of the image is lost. This happens everywhere. With the help of anamorphic lens, this problem will be solved at ease. The widescreen picture is squeezed into the recording medium.

The Moondog Labs have finally announced the launch of Anamorphic adapter lens after a great buzz in the market. These will be available for iPhone 5/5S.

The importance of anamorphic lenses cannot be ignored when it comes to the  cropping of pictures. Therefore, the move of Moondog labs will hit the experts with storm.

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