Apple Tablets with all new iOS 7 Features

ios 7 ipadApple tablets are without a doubt very elegant looking and lightweight.  After the launch of iPad 3, it is safe to say iPads have most vivid “retina display”, which makes it a lucrative product for any tablet user. As a perk of using a Apple product, one can also transform their iPad with add on features of iOS 7 which is free to download now. It’s been noticed in past few software updates that iPad 1 and 2 will provide only limited benefits of latest software because of their deprived hardware. Thus, it is safe to say only iPads with powerful processor can keep up with the additional action latest iOS update provides.

Users of iPad 3 and above should definitely experience the latest iteration of iOS running smoothly on their device as quad core GUI makes pumped up software run flawlessly. For snappier response, iPad 4’s A6X chipset with 1.4 GHz fast CPU dual core cortex A9 would be better choice without a doubt. Still, iPad 3 would definitely offer you full value for your money if you are not into cellular version of its successor, as it will provide you full advantage of latest software features. Pocket size iPad mini would also get this software update thus more features will be in your hand on the go. For those who want to use best hardware features, there is iPad 5 lined up to be released soon. However, if you wish to own iPad without burning a hole in your pocket, currently iPad 3 with iOS7 is most decent option.

Here are some of the exciting features that adds to the beauty of these devices. To begin with, unlocking screen is entirely new with display of time and weather instead of slide-to-unlock concept. Then, you would notice a new animation as soon you unlock, where your apps icon arrange themselves. Icons itself are fresh in design, hence iOS 7 looks evidently revised in first glance. Notification center is now accessible on every screen you need it with a slide-down gesture on top of the tablet screen.

The transparent notifications tray looks attractive and is useful with options like notifications sync and swipe-up-to-hide that saves your time and energy. And for even more ease of use Apple has incorporated a slide-up control centre from the bottom of the screen that includes quick turn your Wi-Fi on and off, brightness adjusting, turn on or off Airplane mode and music control and few more quick settings menus. You may also use Siri to tweak the brightness, turning on Bluetooth or to play a voicemail.

Improved multitasking would smooth up switching between apps, as you would see screenshots instead of just icons on multitasking tray. Moreover, apps opened in background can refresh themselves automatically to give you up-to-date view.  In Safari, web browsing is seamless especially because of its new tab view and prompt search box. More features can be mentioned, yet it is better to wrap up on the note that iO7 is impressive leap from iOS6 and it presents great competition for latest Android software versions.

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