LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra Tablet for Kids

leappad ultra learning tabletLearning for kids has never been so much fun and entertaining before the advent of specially crafted tablets. There are several options available for parents under the tablet section which they can gift to the youngsters and provide them a safe environment for easy learning. After the launch and success of Fuhu Nabi 2 and others, another lesser known company LeapFrog has jumped into the competition with its beautiful LeapPad which seems to have been crafted carefully. The beautiful back with rubber finish is the first thing which sets this device apart from any other similar device in the market.

The dual color panel on the back ofLeapFrog LeapPad Ultra Tablet seems hard to take eyes off. When most of the companies are preferring usage of plastic back panel for their devices, LeapFrog has taken a different turn by opting for a rubber finish. Another major difference here is that unlike any other kid’s tablet, this device does not run on the Android OS, but packs proprietary software. While this software does mean that you would be able to set up your control over the device much more deeply, it also means that you would no longer be able to harness the power of Google Play Store.

LeapPad Ultra Learning Tablet

The device comes with two 2 MP cameras located on the front and rear end of the device. The front camera does appreciable job while usage but the primary camera on the back seems to be just a low quality sensor by as it gives faded colors and poor contrast ratio. The 7 inch display packs a resolution of 1366 X 768p which provides an acceptable pixel density. The colors produced are high in contrast, and seem to be just fine. The display is not only sharper as compared to any other in the market, but also provides a good brightness level.

There’s a single small speaker located on the device but it provides clear sounds with acceptable levels. The user can log into the device by using any of the available 3 profiles, as a child, a parent, or a guest. The parent profile needs a password and allows setting up different types of safety and security levels on other profiles. This profile can also be used to add more profile just like the administrator account in a computer. When the device is logged in as a child account, it provides a collection of round tiles showing different apps with color coded titles. Different types of apps like entertainment, reading, art, general utilities are visible in different color options like red, blue, purple, etc.

The device comes preloaded with 11 apps for your benefit including calculator, clock, voice memo, etc. There’s a native web browser built into the OS for navigating the internet. This browser does not allow the children to enter web addresses but provides them with direct link of images and videos linked with animals, plants, sports, etc. to keep them safe from the online threats. Most of the apps available in the store seem to be costlier when compared to Play Store or Amazon marketplace.

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