Panasonic to Release Fewer Cameras in the year 2014

A man browses a Panasonic camera at an electronics shop in TokyoThe Japanese Camera maker is popular for launching many cameras in a season. The year 2013 saw the launch of several compact cameras from this company. The Japanese company’s officials have recently announced that the company has geared up on its decision to launch fewer cameras in the coming season.

The number of cameras to be released next year has come down to five. This is a very small number considering the reputation of the Japanese Camera maker to release many cameras in a season. The number of digital cameras that will be launched next year is actually half the number of cameras released this year.

The year 2013 has not been very profitable for the Japanese camera maker and it has decided to work on the business profitability in the fiscal year 2014. Nikkei has reported the decision of the company to the media.

New products are being launched by Panasonic in order to work on the profitability in business. Panasonic is stepping into the automotive systems and housing fixture businesses. This decision has been taken by the company after a poor performance in the TV market and other gadgets. The new cameras that will be launched by Panasonic next year will cost a minimum amount of 300 USD each. The focus of the company will be on making mirror less single lens models as reported.

As reported by Nikkei, the company has suffered heavy losses in the digital camera segment for the second year in succession. The sales of digital cameras will be affected hugely at the market and it will go down by at least 4 million units in the fiscal year of 2014.

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