Dazzling Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to enrich your life

samsung galaxy note 3Without any doubt, Samsung is one of the premiere makers of mobile phones and gadgets in the world today. Periodically, the company comes up with astonishing phone sets setting examples in the arena of electronic innovation. In the recent months, it has launched a jaw-dropping model.

Samsung has added a new member to its glamorous Galaxy series. The new model is named Galaxy Note 3. It is has got more features and loaded with more facilities than its previous version Note 2. The product has been tipped by the experts to be one of the most happening phones in the high end android phone market.

A customer seeks for the best features in a high end android phone. This set has got all the essential elements to bowl over any potential buyer. An advanced octa core super processor with an amazing combined speed of 1.9 GHz and 1.3 GHz. That makes the phone super fast in its applications.

The operating system is the 4.3 version of android popularly known as jellybean. The display of this set is luscious and bound to impress the customers. A huge screen with a dimension of 5.7 inch and a high definition display with a super amoled technology with 1920 X 1080 pixels. It has got a whopping 64 GB memory for the user that can be further expanded to 128 GB. The capacity of RAM is more than comfortable 3 GB.

The networking features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 are of high standard and offer the customers with several choices. The phone can operate either of the GSM or the GPRS mode. It also has EDGE technology. It is compatible with high speed internet services ranging from 2.5 G to 4 G.

In addition to the primary features, this beautiful product from Samsung also flaunts a range of wonderful secondary features making this set a priced possession. It has got a magnificent camera with strength of 13 megapixels putting a big smile on the faces of those customers who have a knack in photography. It has got an autofocus feature with a zero shutter lag and a facility known as smart stabilization has been incorporated in it to produce high quality photographs adjusting for the environment. The front camera of the phone has a standard strength of 2 megapixels with an advanced BSI sensor.

The video recording facilities of the phone are tremendously good. It can record, download and play a range of video files with no hassles. Generally, the videos are displayed with a superb quality of 1080 pixels.

The audio quality of the phone is high class. Apart from playing a host of audio files, the phone has a top notch sound integrated in its system. If you are really thinking about changing your old phone, then Galaxy Note 3 is the one that you can blindly go for.

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