Classic Pictures Recreated by Mike Stimpson

Mike StimpsonStimpson is a household name in the world of video gaming. He is undoubtedly one of the best video game programmers that the industry has at the moment. Mike Stimpson has always remained to be a fan of photography and he has always shown a special love for legos. He decided to combine his two passions, that is photography and Lego and what got produced was incredible.

He merged the classic photographs with lego blocks and recreated them in a very special way. These images have now become more fascinating after the makeover. Mike Stimpson is quite happy over his recreation of these classic pictures.

He was interviewed regarding the same when he shared why he recreated the images with Lego inspiration. He told the reported that he is an avid fan of photography and enjoyed taking all those pictures. He went through a great mission of researching the classic images in order to recreate them. It was quite interesting for him to read the different stories behind those pictures and then finally rope them with lego effect and recreate them.

He added that people would never know the story about the classic pictures before they actually research it out. He feels proud and honored to have got the chance for the same. He has targeted a new audience for the classic photographs by recreating them with Lego. It will be great for the photographers to be remembered again.

There are several classic photographs that are involved in Stimpson’s creation including the likes of W. Eugene Smith. All the classic pictures have been presented by Stimpson in his own unique way and it will surely engage the audience. For every recreated image, the original shot will also be presented along with it, so that people can also admire the original masterpiece.

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