Apple Redefines the Brand Name with iPhone 5C

The name “Apple” has always been a status symbol for higher class people. Just a glimpse of this name forms a picture of a premium looking metallic gadget with high performance inside in the minds of the people. From the last couple of years, Apple has been renowned for manufacturing luxurious electronic products which not only pack high performance with beautiful graphics but are even packaged inside nicely crafted superior metallic bodies. The company this time has tried to break the myth of both high priced gadgets as well as premium style with the introduction of all new iPhone 5C.

The latest device from Apple was announced in October, and is currently available in almost every leading market across the world set with contract as well as in unlocked pieces. The most surprising thing with this gadget is that Apple has gone back to the time of iPhone 3GS by reintroducing the concept of plastic design in its builds. The good thing here is that unlike previous products, this new gadget is available in a variety of bright colors like white, pink, yellow, blue, and green with a black bezel in each case.

The phone packs the native Retina display from Apple on a 4 inch display with a resolution of 1136 X 640p making the pixel density as high as 326 ppi. This pixel density is certainly not much when we compare it against that offered by HTC One (468 ppi), Samsung Galaxy S4 (441 ppi), or any other premium device, but Retina has its own advantages like brilliant life like reproduction of colors, amazing viewing angles, etc. The main camera on the rear side is powered with iSight packing a sensor of 8 MP with led flash to help in low light photography. This is the same camera which is available with iPhone 5 and 5S. The camera is capable of recording full HD videos at 1080p, while the secondary camera for video calls is 1.2 MP and can record videos at 720p. Both these cameras have a backside illumination sensor, and the primary one holds a five element lens.

The phone runs on the latest Apple iOS 7 Operating System. The processor inside is the old A6 Apple chip. The newer version of this chip i.e. A7 with 64 bit architecture support is being shipped with the bigger brother iPhone 5S. Sensors and other elements are the same as iPhone 5. Apple has tried to cut down the cost of production by opting for plastic design, and this has helped the company in pricing the new device safely in between the already existing iPhone 5 and previous iPhone 4S.

If this phone is contrasted with iPhone 5S, you will notice that the plastic has added a small amount of width to the edges, and there’s nothing like fingerprint sensor on the home button. Both these devices however need the new technology nano SIM cards and come with same type of documents and earphones inside the package box.

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