Sony has released PS4 system software update 1.62

ps4PS4 when entered the market with a bang. It came, it saw and ruled. No doubt it is among best gaming players in the current scenario and also one of the fastest growing products by Sony. For long Sony has ruled gaming world. They have given us some of the best gaming experiences and you gotta admire company’s efforts for always trying something new and setting the standards.  However in the recent months, especially after the release of PS4, there many problems being reported by gamers around the world regarding its new gaming console. Due to which company also gained some negative publicity for the PS4. We think it’s this pressure that forced company for a fix. So recently, we heard a lot of buzz filled the market and virtual world with speculation when Sony released its software update. We thought of finding out, what it actually means for you.

Sony said in a statement released earlier this month that worldwide sales of PS4 totalled six million units till March 2, up from 5.3 million as of February 8.

Global PS4 software sales stood at 13.7 million units as of March 2. With Top selling tiles include the popular Assassin’s Creed 4, Battlefield 4, Knack, Call of Duty Ghosts, FIFA 2014 and Killzone Shadow Fall.

The official patch description reads about updating the overall performance and introducing othr minor changes in the software. It’s a 336MB patch which can be easily installed on the gadget via a working internet connection.

What does update 1.62 do, then? Sony claims that the overall operation quality while using some PlayStation 4 format software has been enhanced in the newly available update. PS4 users are still in line waiting for some new features like the popular suspend/resume functionality which was originally unveiled along with the console but could not make it into the machine for launch. Many of the often requested PS4 features have already been collated by Player Feedback.

Now, when PS4 system update 1.62 released, we find out what does it actually do? What does it actually means for you?

As stated earlier, it is a 336MB patch.  After installation, we checked if there is any change in graphics, sound or anything else. Basically, we were looking for something big change to happen, may be because of the hype anyhow we are disappointed to tell that we didn’t see any change on the console’s UI, which led us to believe that we’re looking at one of the usual small “tweaking” patches released to improve performance here and there. Since no details on the specifics were provided by Sony Computer Entertainment. We think it might improve you gaming experience by removing some of the very common PS4 problems from turning off of the device to freezing of the PS4 due to overheating. It may also be enhanced battery life. In any case it’s there in the out and even if it addresses tiny glitches, we recommend a download and installation of the beast. 

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