Fix Common PS4 problems

ps4Every game console has its own pro and cons. The PS4 is no exception and in the past several months gamers worldwide faced a number of problems in using PS4 that interrupt game play.

As millions of gamers plug in the PS4 and start playing, some experience PS4 problems like the console getting hung up to be and becomes unplayable for a period of time. While some issues can be overcome by launching a new or updated console, but then there are other problems of Xbox One problems which frustrate gamers that buy the competing console.

Here we are addressing the most common PS4 problems and offers suggestions on how to fix these issues to get back to gaming on the PlayStation 4.

This is one of the most common PS4 problem faced by PS4 users in which the device turns off randomly while gamer uses the console. This may also appear alongside the console not turning on when the owner pushes the power button. If this PS4 problem is taking place the gamer will see a blinking blue light or blinking red light on the console instead of a white light. This problem first made appearance in November, and company soon offered a collection of fixes for this PS4 problem, including a replacement if none of them work. The problem is largely fixed now, but if you have this problem you can do following things: Check the HDMI cable or check the hard drive. If that doesn’t work too then try to make sure that PS4 is ventilated. The company offers a troubleshooting guide for this problem. If all else fails then contact Sony for a replacement.

Some users report the PS4 freezes while playing games. This can lead to loss of progress and lots of frustration for gamers. This is a common problem however not widespread. There are two main things you should do if this happens. The first is look for any PS4 updates. Sony continues to periodically release new software update packages for the PS4 that fixes bugs and performance issues. This might fix freezing problem for many users in case they have skipped an update. If the PS4 freezes after playing it for longer periods make sure it is not suffering from overheating. If this is the problem then try moving the PS4 to a more open area.

Another common PS4 problem is related with audio and video. There were reports outlining complaints of PS4 audio and video missing or both missing. The PS4 uses an HDMI cable that carries audio and video and an optical cable to carry audio only. If you are unable to see or hear the video and audio respectively then it is likely that a connection is set up wrong.

Here are the steps you should take.

  1. Make Sure the HDMI cable is not held out by a small piece of metal.
  2. Try a new HDMI cable
  3. Try a new HDTV

If the system works on a new HDTV, Go to the Settings -> Sound and Screen -> manually set the video output for the TV you want to use. Power off the console and move it back to the other HDTV and start playing.

In case there is a small piece of metal preventing the HDMI cable from plugging in all the way, bend it down slightly for a tighter fit or contact Sony to discuss an exchange.

If you are unable to fix these or any other PS4 problems can move to Sony Support. The PS4 is still new so any issues except those caused by abuse or accidents should be covered under the included warranty. You can talk to support on chat or call on the phone, while over call you may have to wait for an average of 15 minutes.

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