3DS gaming console Portable gaming device Released

nintendo 3dsThe portable gaming devices from DS family are ranked among the top gamind gadgets availale in the market. Whether you like it or not But Nintendo is the King of Gaming Arena and DS series is its most popular weapon. Recently Nintendo introduced New and improved 3DS in the market. What’s new in this DS we checked out. Take a read.

This is perhaps the weakest nerve of Nintendo. The missing software is just sad for launch day. What dismays is absence of the Internet browser, even though there is an icon for it on the 3DS that when pressed offers a message that it will be coming soon in a future update. The 3DS offers deals with Hollywood studios to feature length 3D movies along with Netflix streaming.

The software is pretty responsive and easy to use, and you can back out of any program including games and still have them running in the background. But if you want to open a new program you will be forced to close out. In short, the software is good. The future promises better upgrades for the 3DS.

This brings me to my next point, that is display. Happy to tell you that Nintendo has improved the display significantly 400 x 240 per eye or say 800 x 240 pixels. It’s a 24-bit color display including 16.77 million colors.

No need to tell why it’s named 3DS as it offers 3D. As far as memory goes, the SD card slot is there in the new DS so it’s up to you. Data from older DS systems can be wirelessly streamed from DS to 3DS, so switching cards won’t be an issue.

The 3DS has a Wi-Fi option offering live streaming gaming features between friends. But, the range seems limited to about 20 feet away at most. For a strong signal you should be within 10 feet. It doesn’t provide 3G connectivity options. The Wi-Fi connectivity generally works well, and offers a lot of potential for the device.

Then we come to the battery. If you are using all the resources of DS say brightness turned up, wi-fi enabled, full volume your battery is likely to stand about 3 hours.

The 3D simply drains the power from a device. So you can charge the device by simply plugging 3DS into a socket and there you go. In just 3 hours, it will be charged to full. Turning off the 3D is also another option. In fact you can extend battery by almost twice the life using this option.

 Another addition to the 3DS is the 3D camera, which makes use of two small lenses located on the outer case to take pictures. However camera quality is a bit poor. The resolution of each camera is 640 x 480, with a .03 mega pixel.

To sum it up for you, the 3DS is an extremely good device. Its display is good. Camera is however a bit let down. The controls are improvement over the DS, with addition of the analog stick, and the better buttons. The Battery is another point where DS disappoints. But reduced price is something that will definitely get your notice.

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