Spacewalk on Cards for the Olympic Torch

olympic-torchOlympic Torch is a matter of respect and glory for every country than not. It is a very important symbol for the world of sports and a Russian Soyuz Rocket is planning to elevate the glory of the Olympic torch in its very own way.

The Russian Soyuz rocket has already carried the Olympic torch with it and it has set off for the International Space station this Thursday. The winter games are about to take place in Russia. The place where the games would take place is Sochi. These winter games will take place in 2014 and there is a huge hype associated with these games and Russia has capitalized on the opportunity by launching the rocket in the space carrying Olympic torch.

This Olympic torch has been specially made for the Sochi winter games. ISS crew has already planned a spacewalk for the torch. It has happened before as well on occasions. Once it happened in 1996 and another time it happened again in 2000. The Olympic torch is about to make a history as it will be launched outside of the airlock, which is quite amazing and incredible.

The winter games are approaching and they will begin on 7 Feb 2014. The NASA photographer Bill Ingalls was present at the time of Spacewalk and he wanted to document the launch of it in the space. The pictures of the event have already gone viral on the internet.

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