Olympus Tough TG-2iHS Pleasant camera with modest upgrades

olympusWhen we reviewed the Olympus tough TG-2 iHS out there at $379.99 comes with 12-megapixel camera with some modest upgrades and a lower price. The TG-2 forgoes the quality rugged point-and-shoot style that places the lens top prime corner. in addition to make it look slightly  a commonplace camera, it’s the distinctive ability in its category to just accept 40.5mm filters and conversion lenses—although you’ll got to grab the $20 CLA-T01 adapter to support filters. The camera measures 2.6×4.5x 1.1 inches (HWD) and could be a bit significant at 8.1 ounces. The TG-2 is on the market in a pair of versions—one is red with black accents, and therefore the other(reviewed here) is black with red accents.

A 4x zoom lens covers a pleasant 25-100mm (35mm equivalent) field of read that may be a bit wider than the 28-140mm lens designed into the Canon Power Shot D20. more spectacular is its most f/2 aperture, that permits fourfold the maximum amount of light. The f/2 style makes it potential to shoot at quicker shutter speeds while not pumping up the ISO, and therefore the wide 25mm field of read is right for underwater use. If you wish to shoot wider you’ll add a camera lens conversion lens; it sells for $140, which includes the adapter ring necessary to mount it. There is additionally a teleconverter accessible for $130 with the adapter ring; it multiplies the effective distance of byone.7x, delivering a 43-170mm field of read. each accessories is used underwater.

The 3-inch rear display uses OLED technology instead of the more-common liquid crystal display. It solely encompasses a 610k-dot resolution. The OLED show may be a bit punchier due to increased contrast, and it’s bright enough for outside use, even on bright days.

The bulk of the camera’s controls are to the right of the display together with a zoom rocker, video button, and a four-way controller. The TG-2 additionally sports a Mode dial to vary shooting settings—an amenity that’s typically excluded from robust cameras. The camera lacks full manual management and shutter priority modes, however supports aperture priority.

The camera is rated for underwater burn up to use up feet, that is that the best that we have seen in a very robust camera. It can even survive drops from heights up to seven feet, 220 pounds of pressure, and operate in temperatures as low as 14°F. If fifty feet is not deep enough, you’ll add a fervent underwater housing to the camera. At $310 it prices nearly the maximum amount because the camera itself, however can permit you to dive and shoot all the means right down to 145 feet.

In addition to a GPS, the camera has an electronic compass and a pressure gauge. rounding out the camera’s feature set is an led light, positioned on the front of the camera that serves 2 purposes—it quickens the autofocussystem, and might be accustomed add light to your subject once shooting in Macro mode. It does not work moreover because the six-LED setup on the Pentax WG-3 GPS, however definitely comes in handy once shooting in macro mode.

The TG-2 is fast. It starts and fires a shot in 0.9-sec, records a 0.1-sec shutter lag, and  fires off full-resolution photos continuously at 5.3 frame/sec. There also are one or two high-speed shooting modes that drop the resolution to three megapixels however allow you to grab up to a hundred pictures at fifteen or sixty frames per second. It starts in 1.4 seconds, will capture a burst of sixteen shots at 10 frames per second, will shoot unceasingly at 2.5 frames per second, and its shutter lag may be a respectable 0.2-second. The TG-2 keeps noise under 1.5 p.c.

Video is recorded in QuickTime format at 1080p60 or 720p60 quality. The footage is crisp and sleek; however the audio is  a completely different story. The sound of the lens zooming is very loud while audio recording. Hidden underneath a double-locking door are 2 connectors: one small HDMI and one proprietary USB. The previous permits you to connect the camera to an high-definition television, and therefore the latter can allow you to plug it into a laptop or into an outlet for battery charging. There isn’t any dedicated device enclosed, therefore you will have to charge in-camera unless you pay an additional $60 on the Olympus UC-90 charger. Commonplace Coyote State, SDHC, and SDXC cards are supported; the cardboard slot and the battery are within the same compartment, conjointly protected by a double-locking door. Lens could be sharper. In-camera battery charging and audible Lens movement during video soundtrack takes you down, but the Olympus Tough TG-2 iHS rugged camera is a very minor upgrade to the excellent TG-1. The best part is it’s lower price.

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