Canon EOS 6D compact light weight camera made for shooting

canoneos6dThe world is growing at very fast rate and so are the technologies. Every day new gadgets keep coming to the market. Technology has revolutionised the life of the people in all aspects, may it be computers, mobiles, transportation system and other gadgets. One such gadget is Canon EOS 6D camera. One of the canon’s smallest and lightest full frames DSLR. The special thing about the camera is that it is built around a new canon CMOS sensor, which in turn offers a pixel count of 20.2 MP. More Mega pixels mean better picture quality. Also it has the capability to record video at 1080p with stereo sound via external Mic. However the 6D feature here has the ability to focus in extremely low light, which has become very common in use now days. Also it comes with integrated GPS and Wi-Fi, with the latter offering you to use your camera via your phone. Also the built-in Wi-Fi allows you to wirelessly transfer your images to social networking sites like that of Facebook, Instagram and Google plus through Canon Image Gateway. The built-in GPS records the location information while shooting the photos.

It also comes up with a compact and lightweight body which makes it easy to handle and use. It becomes handy to carry the portable device. Now the screen, it has a 3.0-inch clear view LCD monitor with a 160 degree viewing angle, which is one of its kind. HDR (High Dynamic Range) and Multiple Exposure Modes allows you to take high quality images with ease and to get maximum number of shots. Also with the use of Tripod stand we can take ideal shot in different circumstances. It also uses (UHS-l) cards i.e., ultra high speed cards along with the SD/SDHC/SDXC cards for storage. The usage of high speed cards increases the storage as well as the transfer speed while connecting to PC. It weighs only 770g including the batteries which makes it very light in the segment. The Li-on LP-E6 rechargeable battery once fully charged it can take up to 1090 shots. And with all these features it comes at a price of $1,596, which is quite reasonable in this type of segment.

The continuous shooting feature can take up to 4.5 frames per sec. Also it can be easily connected to the PC via a data cable. It supports USB 2.0. Now the accessories, it comes with a case or bag, also the additional battery is included in it. You also get an extra battery charger with lens cleaning kit and a memory card with a card reader. And not to forget the Tripod which also comes along with it. Also the product in covered under the canon warranty of one year. Canon also provides additional warranty for its products at a very reasonable price. Also one can buy the product on EMI through various shopping sites. You need to pay small instalments every month. In short it is loaded with a number of features which make this camera an ideal for shutterbugs on-the-go.

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