Walking dead Season 2 Released

the-walking-dead-game-season-2Telltale games have recently announced that The Walking Dead Second season is now available for PlayStation Vita. The Walking dead game is based on Robert Kirtman’s and it is full of graphic adventure. This game is a telltale game series for ps. If you are waiting for the Walking dead season 2 then your wait is over. Walking dead Season 2 is available on PS vita. Each episode of walking dead season 2 is only for few dollars and you can save 20% over purchasing each of the episodes by getting the Season Pass. Some unique features are also included in this season like playing with analog controls and face buttons, or you can switch to touch screen only for a more intimate undead experience.

After the huge success of walking dead seson1, now you can play walking dead season 2 Game on your PlayStation Vita. This game simply tells a beautiful and tragic story. You should be emotionally strong while playing this game because it sucks you in emotionally and does not let go. There are many good elements in this game like amazing world and great voice actors. The intelligent choice system of this game will give you the feeling that you are the creator of your own story.

The success of walking dead season 2 game is not in creating an adventure game with hundreds of limitless plotlines and many possible outcomes. This game reflects the reality of life and always reminds you that the choice you’re given have predetermined results. This game gives you the ability to save someone from death in a real life, even though you cannot always save people from the death. There are many graphic adventure games which emphasize puzzle solving, but walking dead Season 2 does not emphasize puzzle solving. It focuses on the story and development of the character.

You can enjoy the unique characters which will you surely enjoy and will feel like real. More than one million unique players of the first season game have been purchased and more than 8 million individual episodes have been sold. You can also check out the first season of this game available on new platforms. You can get the first season, which includes all 5 episodes for Android based devices via Google Play. The second season of the walking dead is also will be available on many platforms.

The telltale game has promised that during the walking dead season 2 you can expect a new downloadable episode every 4 to 6 weeks. The first two episodes you can download from the play station store for 5 dollars each. The first two episodes are really very awesome. You can easily buy the latest episodes of the walking dead season 2 and enjoy its more features. There are many admirers of this game and they cannot wait to buy this Walking Dead season 2 game as this new season will bring more adventure and more graphical features in the games.

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