Motrr Galileo multipurpose remote motion standard for iPhone

galileo-white-hiresMotrr’s Galileo is a multipurpose remote motion standard for iPhone. You can easily buy this Galileo for your iPhone at a reasonable rate. Motrr Galileo is available with two options of connectivity where a Bluetooth model supports Apple’s iPhone 4S and above and a 30- pin dock connector work with all other iPhones. This Motrr Galileo easily creates 360- degree spherical panoramas. The Motrr Galileo is a self turning dock that will automatically swivel your iPhone and it is also motorized. With the help of Motrr Galileo you can capture 360 degree panorama photos or you can also turn it into a surveillance camera that can easily remotely pan to monitor a room. This Motrr Galileo is available in black or white colour.

The design of the 7-ounch Motrr Galileo is rather simple. This device is not pocket friendly and you cannot keep in your pocket. The device is not heavy and has a soft rubber all around and on the top you can see the rubber insert that holds the device perfectly. If you are looking from the side, then you can see the device into mainly three layers. A top layer tilts the device from portrait to landscape and the middle portion could be considered the stationary layer which includes all the internal components. The bottom of this device is rubberized which makes Galileo stays firm when the device is rotating.

You can find a tripod mount and a battery indicator. In case if it is not connected to any application, by turning the base you can find out how much battery life is left.  The Motorr Galileo does not perform all the function by itself. This device gets instructions from the applications that are compatible with it. There are many other applications which you can use to connect and update the device like Sphere, a free application which is used for showing spherical. A TimeLapse application is a free and for – pay application for creating time lapse videos and Air Beam is a paid application that turns your device into a surveillance camera. You can check out various applications in this Motrr Galileo device as many applications are coming soon.

This device might be a bit pricy for a single function gadget, but if you find some of the supported application useful than the Motrr Galileo is a handy Gadget for you. With this device you can capture the entire view around you and can share your experience with your friends. The gadget has an amusing and very useful tool. The available application makes Motrr Galileo a virtual monitoring system. You can make video calls, can watch streaming images and can record movie clips while controlling the angle of your iPhone remotely. The Motrr’s Galileo is not so expensive and the price of this device is less than 200 dollars which is a reasonable price for a device that can mount your phone with a wide variety of viewing positions and you also use this as a remote monitoring device.




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