Lava KKT 27s simple feature phone Surfaced

lava-kkt-27sWith the android phone becoming a fad among the phone users in India, we have forgotten the times when we had simple and no android phones in the market. While most of the people want to buy a phone that runs android. There is still a section of people in India who cannot afford to buy an expensive phone like this. There are also a technologically backward section of the population who might feel challenged while using a more advanced phone. In a country like India, such population which cannot afford a smart phone is very high. People in the rural areas and other parts of India would prefer a phone that is low cost and has the basic functionality. But for many big players in the phone market, they are already entangled in the demands from high end customers and does not have the necessary time and investment to bring about an entry and innovation in this segment. Yet there are many small players in the market who are still trying to entertain the demands of this section of the people. One such player is Lava.

The phone manufacturer has launched many new models and series in the low end segment. One such model is lava KKT 27s. The phone is available in all major and minor cities of India. The phone is available in a single color i.e. black. The phone has a physical keyboard. The keys are average in size and are separated by some space to give your fingers enough space and not to overlap the keys while pressing. The dimensions of the phone are 128*58*11.7 mm in size. The phone has a matte finish both in the front and the rear end. The phone has a good grip and is easy to hold in hand and to keep in pocket. The phone has a dual Sim capability. It is also compatible with all the major GSM network service providers in the country. The phone is compatible only with mini Sim. The phone has a 2.8 inches TFT screen. The pixel density is 143 ppi. The resolution is also good and is 240*320 pixels. The display is decent and the icons also appear clear and distinct. The phone has a primary camera. The camera has a resolution of 0.3 MP. The phone is enabled for zoom, yet there is no flash in the camera.

There are some exceptional features in the phone that gives it an edge over other budget phones. Some of these features are auto call recording, mobile tracker and torch light. For all the music lovers, the phone can play songs and videos. There is an inbuilt loudspeaker for the same. There is also a 3.5 mm jack for the headphones. The phone is GPRS enabled and also has a Bluetooth for connectivity. There is also a USB port for data transfer. You can also play FM radio on the phone. The battery is also decent.

The phone has decent features for its price range and you can go for it if it fits your budget.

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