Lava Arc 12 simple phone with simple features

Lava-ARC-12The use of phone has taken a new direction in the previous few years. It has become an important part of our lives. Wanted or unwanted we cannot do away with the place that the mobile phones have taken in our lives. No matter where we go, they help us stay connected with all our near and dear ones. With time the use of the phones expanded. They started to be used for clicking photographs, as a device for social networking and for data storage. So as the use of the phones expanded, there were many players which entered the market. Some of these players were big and they moved with the flow of the market. As the phone industry moved towards android phones, these players also moved towards it. This left to the market for budget phones being ignored. But with the advent of many small scale players in the phone market, the demand of this segment is also being addressed properly now. One such player is Lava. The phone manufacturer has launched various models in different series to address the demand of the low end segment.

The latest model is an addition to the Arc series by Lava. The phone is named as Lava Arc 12. The phone was launched in the market this year and was available in all the major and minor cities of India. The sales were amazing and so are the views. The phone is available in three amazing colors of blue, grey and black. The phone has a simple yet sturdy design for rough and tough use. The front panel of the phone has a screen and a keypad. There is a square button to help in navigation. The combination of silver buttons for navigation on black phone really looks beautiful. The logo of the company is located in the bottom of the screen. The phone has a bar shape with rounded edges. The phone does not have a CPU or GPU. The back cover is removable. The phone has a dual Sim slot which is compatible with all major network service providers. Since it is a low price phone there are no business features in the phone. The phone runs its own software version which is proprietary of Lava.

The phone has a 2.4 inches TFT capacitive touch screen. The screen is multi touch enabled. The display quality is very decent. The colors are distinct and the brightness is also efficient for a brightly lit place. The phone has a one camera only. The camera has a resolution of 0.3 MP. The camera is located on the rear end. The camera is not established for flash. The phone is also enabled for video recording also. The phone is not compatible for Wi-Fi. The phone is also not enabled for 3G and is available for only 2G. It is also not enabled for GPRS. There is no facility for internet browsing also.

The phone has fairly good features for a budget phone. It is a good and affordable buy.

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