Lava KKT 41 classy phone with big display

lavakkt41Lava has launched a new Lava KKT 41 Phone 2.8 inch TFT screen and with an Alphanumeric Keypad. The primary camera of this phone is 1.3 MP which captures good quality of photos. Lava KKT 41 phone does not have a secondary camera, but have other camera features like Zoom support. You can zoom the pictures easily. The phone has Bluetooth connectivity to send and receive the files. The Bluetooth connectivity is fast .This Lava KKT 41 phone is GPRS enabled and allows you to browse the internet without any problem. You can find opera web browser in this phone for browsing various sites on the internet. This phone is a dual SIM phone with a feature of FM radio with Recording. You can purchase this Lava KKT 41 phone from many online mobile sites easily with discount offers. This phone provides the better quality at a reasonable price.

This phone is a classy phone with big displays and clear music. This phone supports music player and video player. With the help of music player, you can play different formats of files and also can watch different format of videos. The sound quality is awesome and supports all formats like MP3, AVI, MPEG and 3GP video files. All video files runs smoothly without any hanging problem. You can watch HD movies on this Lava KKT 41 phone as this phone provides better video quality. The good quality headphones are also provided with this phone. You can play games on this phone and can download java games also. The speed of the internet is good and you will not problem while downloading files from the internet.

The keypad keys are nice and soft and will not create problems for aged people. There are many basic facilities in this phone like calendar, alarm, to- do list, memo pad, calculator torch available nice build quality. You can buy this phone at a reasonable cost. The memory of Lava KKT 41 phone you can expand up to 32 GB with the help of MicroSD.  There are many pre – installed applications you can use in this lava KKT 41 phone like Google applications, world clock, calculator, stop watch, timer, e- book, unit conversion, alarm and other social site applications.

This phone has a powerful LED Torch. The battery life of this phone is better with 1500mah. You can also check out other features like divert call option, waiting call option and mobile tracker. This is a fantastic phone and includes all the basic features like call block and is very user friendly as well.  Overall, it is a very good value for the money. If you have any query regarding Lava KKT 41 then you can check this phone rating on many mobile sites. Lava KKT 41 phones are good in design and looks quite big, but lighter in weight. This phone attracts many customers and it is available on many mobile stores. If your budget is less than 2k then this phone is made for you.

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