Samsung Wb350f Comeback of P & S cameras

samsung-wb350fWith android phones camera becoming more and more advanced with each model, the smartphones have replaced the cameras in lives of most of the people. The android phone cameras are a best way to click photos that are good quality and does not require extra amount of money in purchasing of a camera. The advent of DSLR and MILC cameras have created a notion that they are not within the affordable range of an average man and that the android phones are the best way to capture your moments. But one aspect of the professional cameras that is being constantly ignored is the Point and Shoot camera. These were the most inexpensive ways of professional photography. They were not just inexpensive but also very simple to use. This prevented any hassle in operation that you might face while using a DSLR or MILC camera. One such Point and Shoot camera has been recently launched by Samsung. The company haslaunched Samsung Wb350f.

It is a typical Point and Shoot Camera and its conventional design explains exactly the same thing. The exterior of the camera has been designed very subtly and is very pleasant. But the subtle exterior is no indication of the power of imaging that the device carries inside. It is a travel zoom compact camera that you can carry to click images wherever you go. But apart from the normal travel zoom cameras it has an extra-long zoom lenses and manual exposure options. This gives it an edge over other travel zoom cameras. It is a 16 MP camera. The designis very compact and is very easy to hold and handle. There is an option for 21x zoom. The camera is covered with dust and moisture sheaths to prevent it from both and give it a long life no matter where you are carrying it along with you. Unlike other counterparts in the series, you can manually control exposure times and other features also. This gives you enough flexibility and space for creativity in clicking your images. The camera is available in many stunning colors which are white, red, brown, black and blue. It has a ½.3 inches BSI CMOS sensor. To aid in using various menus and playback of photographs it has a 3 inches TFT touch screen LCD monitor.

The photo quality might not be very amazing if you compare it to some of the predecessors. But the purpose of the camera is to give you fast and quick clicks that you can share online. Also if you want to take photographs for print larger than 8*10, then it is the ideal solution for you.  One of the most amazing feature of the camera is the Wi-Fi connectivity. This helps you share your images instantly in the blink of the eye. It also has NFC connectivity. There is a noise reduction feature also provided to enhance the quality of the images.

It is a good buy if you want an affordable Point and Shoot Camera that is much better in image quality and video quality than your smartphone.


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