Acer Predator G3 launched with Nice looking design

acerThe introduction of Laptops created a huge wave in the computer market. Laptops started to dominate the computer market as people started to prefer them over desktops due to their compact size and ease in handling besides other advantages. And though the Desktop PC’s have certainly seen a downfall in their overall sales, but they still continue to exist. Moreover, people interested in playing Hardcore games, which may refer to themselves as Gamers, prefer Desktops over Laptops as they provide stable performance and even the high graphic games work wonderfully well without much lags. And to add to this, there are no worries of heating up of the system as is the case with most Laptops who get heated up after continuous usage and end up lagging and slowing down. And much to the joy of Desktop fans, Acer has now come up with their new Desktop PC and has named it Acer Predator G3.

Talking about its features, it is a tower type desktop and has Windows 8 OS preinstalled. It has a nice looking design with a snappy laden case and black color with orange touch and outlines. Opening the case too is easy as it requires opening of only two screws.There is a lot of space between components and everything is properly arranged. The storage capacity is outstanding as it has a 3TB Hard Disk Drive, which ensures that you can store a lot of stuff including games, movies and songs etc. The best feature surely is the 32GB DDR3 RAM which along with the NVidia GeForce GTX 600 GPU produces amazingly fast performance and ensures that even the heaviest games do not experience much lags. It has Intel core i7-4770 processor of the Haswell family range which is certainly an icing on the cake.

Though these specifications are very far from the most exotic that we can see in other products, but these are definitely enough to handle most games at full HD 1080p besides providing maximum detail and clarity. On the hood, there are 4 USB ports, 4 USB 3.0 ports and 1 HDMI port. Besides this, there are 2 bays of which one is 5.25 inch while the other is 3.25 inch. Moving on to connectivity features, both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are provided, so you can let go of wires and browse and share hassle free. It takes 42 watts of electricity while idle whereas 103 watts when working at full load. It does not heat up easily and hence provides a really stable performance. The major disappointment though is that despite this being a gaming rig, the same keyboard and mouse are provided that is used with normal computers for everyday usage instead of special gaming components.

To conclude, we can say that though it is miles away from being the best gaming Desktop available in the market, but at a price of less than $1,500, it offers great value for money. The performance is good and stable and almost all games work perfectly and The Predator surely out does many of its competitors too. And hence we would recommend that gamers with a medium budget should definitely consider this special product from Acer.

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