Sony Digital paper Best paper replacement

Sony Digital paperPaper is being used heavily for all household chores and also for all business purposes. This over use of paper has led to cutting of many tress. A single paper manufacturing requires cutting of so many trees. Trees once lost cannot be renewed again. It takes seconds for cutting a tree but years for it to grow. This is high time we stop cutting the trees and shift to a more ecofriendly way of reading and doing paper work. A lot of work is shifting to computers and online document maintenance, but yet most of the time it is the paper that is used for printing what we have to read. Sony for this purpose has come up with a revolutionary product. This product will act as a digital paper and save the Mother Nature. This is a hybrid product. It can act as a digital paper, a book reader and many more functions. It is a multi-utility product and a one of its kind in the world.

The product is a very thin and sleek one to give you the actual feel of holding a paper or a book in your hands. It has a width that is almost equal to holding 30 sheets of paper. It is just 26 inches in thickness. The screen size is kept at a standard 13.3 inches to aid you in comfortable reading. While it may also serve a lot of purpose that your tablet can do, but the device is yet not completely equipped to replace the tablet form your life. It is mainly targeted at organizations which use huge quantities of paper and Sony is not even trying to target the users who want a tablet for their work. The product has been designed with a specific user base in mind and that is what the company is focusing on. But in the current scenario when tablet manufacturers are increasingly making the tablets friendly for reading purposes, launching a product that is so much niche in terms of target users and expected use, may not be a very prudent decision by the company. So while the tablets may serve the purpose that this device serves, it may not do what your tablet and iPad can do for you.

So, despite the fact that Sony has been trying hard to make a mark in the Android Phone segment and make an entry into the Tablet segment, this desperate attempt may not be very successful for the company, considering the limited use of the product. Despite all these criticisms, the device brilliantly serves the purpose that it is designed for. You can read documents stored or archived anywhere on the device. The text is very easy to read and the format is really user friendly. You can use the reader to read in any format – word format or even the PDF format. The device also has a stylish stylus to help you write smoothly on the screen without any hassle.

The device is a niche category product and you really need to have a compelling reason to buy a product with such restricted use in such a heavy price tag.

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