Lenovo Think Vision 28 First ever Monitor Surfaced

lenovo-ThinkVision-28Although the laptops have replaced desktops in our lives, yet there are some things that are always made for a desktop to do. Also many of the businesses and workstations preferably have desktops. There are some of the features of a desktop that are to be kept in mind before buying it. One such important feature is the processor and other functional parts of the desktop. The major thing is the display. The monitor has to be ecstatic only then you can have an exemplary desktop usage experience. The display should be good and so should the viewing angles be. With the technology upgrading each second, we have monitors which will also have a touchscreen with multi touch ability. Also some of the monitors now have an inbuilt CPU to fill the schism between the monitors and the all in one PC. One such recently launched gadget is by the famous innovative manufacturer Lenovo. The company has named the hybrid as Lenovo Think Vision 28.

The device is not just a monitor but an android device. It has a 28 inch screen and is a 4k monitor. The 4k is a feature that mostly the television sets boast of. But now even the monitor manufacturers have started to inculcate it in their designs. The screen resolution is 3840*2160, which is just brilliant and unbeatable. Even if you do not consider all the things that it can do, just the monitor and the display is mind boggling. The device will be launched in April 2014 and is being eagerly awaited. It is an ultra-high definition monitor. The monitor has a phenomenal design. You can turn it the conventional way i.e. front and back. Not only that, you can also tilt the monitor left or right. In the front it can turn 5 degrees, whereas on the rear end it can turn 25 degrees. To the left and right, it can turn a whopping 45 degrees. The display is very sharp and crisp and the colors are as vibrant and real as it can be. The response time is also exemplary. The device has a response time of just 5 milliseconds. This is just the beginning. The monitor has an inbuilt dual speaker. It also has a 3.5 mm jack for your headphones. You also have 5 USB ports. Three of these ports are USB 3.0 and two are USB 2.0.

It also boasts of 3 HDMI ports and a Display Port and Ethernet. Apart from these the monitor also has two noise cancelling microphones. One of the other amazing feature is that to aid in video conferencing the monitor also has a front 2 MP camera. The device runs Micracast software and runs a pretty recent version of android i.e. Android version 4.4. The device has a more than enough 32 GB storage space, which can be further expanded by inserting a micro SD card in the slot available. There is a Bluetooth 4.0 available.

It is an all in one monitor that is feature packed and give you functionality of a PC, but with a bigger and better display.

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