Lenovo Idea Centre Flex 20 a family computer

lenovo_ideacentre_flex_20The desktop PCs are evergreen in the world. We have been using it for various purposes and will keep on using it. They are just indispensable. With the advent of many competitors there have been many modifications of the desktop PCs which are now available in the market. One such modification is the tabletop PCs. They are modern, smart and convenient to use. There is no need for a heavy and bulky desktop PC anymore. The configuration can be company defined and you can also configure it according to the use and the purpose of purchase. Some of the models have been designed especially for a particular purpose. Some are perfect for gaming whereas others are perfect for corporate use and others are exact for the household use. One such recent model in the market is Lenovo Idea Centre Flex 20.

It is an ideal tabletop PC for your household use. The tabletop PC has been launched in January 2014 and you can buy it online or from a Lenovo retail outlet. The price is very affordable and the configuration is just perfect to make it an ideal machine for household use. The design is very conventional for a table top PC. The monitor has been designed in a way that it is not like a solid slab, but it tapers backwards. The edges are rounded to give it a tablet like look. The machine has the “Ideacentre” logo on the right hand side in the bottom corner of the machine. The logo is in bright orange color and it accentuates the look of the black metallic luster that the machine has. The rear end however is not metallic and shiny, but has a matte finish and is made up of aluminum. This makes the machine strong and sturdy for household use. The matte finish is also continued in the keyboard and mouse of the device. There is also a small internal battery for short term portability of the hybrid machine. There is also a kickstand to support the machine when it is not taking support on your table. The hinge and the kickstand have been designed with metal and are strong enough to be long lasting.

The device has a 19.5 inches touch screen, which is quite impressive in performance. For people who feel convenient using a keyboard and mouse, you can always connect them for usage. The keyboard design is also decent. The size of the keys is average and the typing is convenient. The keys are rounded and the keyboard is short and slim and the keys are spread intelligently. Both the keyboard and the mouse are connected neither by a cable nor by Bluetooth, but instead use a USB dongle. We found it as a little technologically unimpressive. The screen resolution is 1600*900 pixels and the display is pretty impressive. The colors are very distinct and good and there is no clumsiness of any sort in the display.

Overall, if you are looking for a hybrid machine, not for any particular purpose but just household machine, you can go for this beautiful machine.

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