HP Z1 G2 All in one workstation Revealed

HP-Z1G2The desktop PCs sales have plummeted in the recent times. But still there are irreplaceable usage of the desktop PCs. They are useful in household use and also in the offices. There are many business and offices, which are solely dependent on the PCs for handling huge amount of data. There are many simple processes and many complex ones that the desktops can perform. No matter what the business size or type is, the desktops are a must have at your workstation. These all in one workstations for your offices are a must have and many big players have entered in the field. These players are adept in manufacturing both standard and custom based workstations for your business. One such big player is HP. After a series of launches in the all in one workstations genre, it has recently launched HP Z1 G2. This latest upgrade over the last year model is more powerful and much better than the previous version.

The workstation is highly customizable according to your needs. It is designed in such a manner that you can run heaviest of the applications without a flicker on the machine.  This is also an ideal machine for gaming purposes, rather than just your office space.  So it is a machine that you can customize for any purpose and any use. This is however not a portable machine. It weighs around 50 pounds and this can be attributed to the hardware that makes it so fast and powerful. It has a 27 inches scree. You can choose for a touch screen model or the one without it. But the touch screen model is just a feast to use. The screen is designed to be less harmful to the eyes and radiated minimum glare. The brightness is more than enough to maintain visibility even in the brightest of the sunlight. The interiors have been designed beautifully and there will be no issues once you open the device for customization. However it is clumsier inside if you compare it to the predecessor. Making amendments following the feedback of the previous model has been the virtue of HP. It has done the same with the model. The rear ports are made more accessible and the company has also added the thunderbolt ports. These thunderbolt ports can allow you to use monitors up to 4k, which are the latest and the most powerful ones.

It is very easy to update any part of the machine as and when needed. The average user can easily upgrade anything ranging from a graphics card to the Hard Disk Drive. There are markings done on the inside to make your work easy and hassle free. You can not only customize the hardware but also the software. You can choose which Operating system you want to run. You can run a Windows 8.1 pro (64 bit) or a Linux with RHEL and SLED 11 drivers.

Overall the machine is a worth it product. It looks and performs even better.

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