Gigabyte Brix Pro Ultra Compact Kit

gigabyteRecently there is a lot of hue and cry about the PC market seeing a down turn and going down. The sales of the desktop computers are at all-time low and there is hardly any improvement despite the desperate efforts of the PC manufacturers. But there are still some areas where the PC sales are never affected and will not be affected for a long time to come. One such area is the gaming zone. There is no replacement of desktop PC that will be able to replace the desktop gaming PC with any other gadget. These have remained the personal favorites and preferences of gamers and will continue to remain same over the years. Another area where the sales have not plummeted are the mini OCs market. Once a dream and now a reality, mini PCs are the latest fad in the PC industry. The size of these devils might be small, but they have a hugely efficient hardware inside. The size is not an estimate of what these machines can do and how they can perform. One such latest device being launched in the market is the Gigabyte Brix Pro.

It is an ultra-compact PC kit. The kit has been launched in the market in the last quarter of 2013. The chassis is small but has a power packed machine inside it. The size of the device is just 2.4*4.3*4.5 inches. The size is so small that you can fir it nearly anywhere you want. It is comparable to just a 3.5 inches mechanical hard disk drive. The machine comes with a string and a system to attach it to the back of a monitor and make it completely invisible. The machine has Core i7-4770 R processor. The quad core processor gives a speed of 3.9 GHz which is pretty fast if you compare it to the size of the machine. This is being supported by 128 MB RAM of eDRAM cache. The RAM is pretty disappointing, but still the speed of the machine is pretty impressive. The DRAM gives brilliant graphic performance as well. It has an Intel Iris Pro graphics 5200. The graphic performance of the machine is again exemplary considering its size.

The major disadvantage of the machine is the power supply. There is no integrated power supply for the machine and the machine gets charged with the help of an external brick that provides DC current to it. The size of this external charging brick is unfavorably comparable to the size of the machine and hence defeats the whole purpose of making a small machine. Also the availability of the machine is also not good and you can find it only in limited regions. The machine also comes with a disc for installing all the drivers, to keep them handy in case you need them. The machine has a metallic luster and finish. Although it gives a rich look to the machine, it is still susceptible to fingerprints.

Overall the machine has its own pros and cons and you by it if it absolutely serves your purpose.

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