Fujitsu Esprimo x923 an ideal business PC Released

Esprimo plainWith the technology revolution rocking the world, businesses have been increasingly getting dependent on the PCs. We have more and more work that is being converted into the “e-form”. This reduces the paperwork and makes the work more efficient and quick. There is thus a huge need for desktop PCs in the workplace. While some if the big companies go for PCs which are configured according ti them, it is a headache to determine the needs and then what configuration will suit the needs. It is always easy and convenient to pick up a machine that has been especially designed to suit your business needs. Now most of the desktop manufacturers are going for designing the PC that is ideal for your business. One such company is Fujitsu. The company has come up with the ideal solution for your company called the Fujitsu Esprimo x923.

The main purpose of the machine is to reduce the power problem with AIO PCs. These AIO PCs are used as part of Unified Communications (UC) programs. These machines have a specific feature of getting into sleep mode, if they are left idol for a long time. There is a special mode in the PC that helps you save power. Fujitsu calls this mode as Low Power Active Model (LPAM). In this mode all the applications that consume are shut down automatically without affecting the Windows. The PC runs Windows 8.1. The power consumption when the PC is in this mode is just half of what it consumes otherwise. The power consumption is still more than what it consumes in the sleep mode, but considerably lower otherwise. The machine comes with minimal cables and will clear the all the cable clutter due to your present desktop PC. It also allows for a very comfortable working position.

The machine has been designed elegantly. The look and the design is slim and sleek and will occupy less space in your workstation. However the sleek look does not make it compromise on the hardware and the features that the company offers. It also has an increased TPM module for resolving the security issues in the workstations. You can also customize the storage space according to your need. You can have a 500 GB or 1 TB HDD, according to the purpose of use in the workstation. You can choose from an option in the processors that you want to have. You can have Core i3, Core i5 or Core i7 processor. You can choose the one that best suits your budget and purpose. It also has a 23 inches IPS LCD capacitive screen. This is touch screen and is multi touch enabled. The pixel resolution is 1920*1080 pixel which is very good and gives an impressive display. The machine has 6 USB ports, which is more than required. There is also a microphone and a webcam for video conferencing in case of virtual team work.

If you are looking for a sophisticated hassle free and functional PC, it is an ideal choice for you.

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