Digital Storm Vanquish II a gaming hurricane Unveiled

digitalstorm vanquish IIThere are many new hybrids and gadgets have come, but none if these have been able to replace the desktop in our houses and workstations. No matter what is the purpose, but still these are an integral part of our daily lives. Some might use it only for household purposes, whereas others are using it for multimedia and gaming purposes. Gaming is an important purpose that is driving the sales of desktop PCs in the world right now. The gamers want a PC that is fast and responsive. Also the display should be commendable to let them know the minutest of the details in the games designs. Also the controls should be convenient to use for access and playing. One such beast that has been recently launched in the market is from the famous gaming PC manufacturer Digital Storm. The company has named it as Vanquish II.

The company has made this PC fully loaded with features. It can make other gamers envious of your machine and will the show stealer when compared to any of the other gaming PCs. Once you check out the features of this machine, you will no longer feel that customized PCs are the best for gaming purposes. You can also customize some of the features in this machine. All this will be incorporated for you and will be shipped to you within 72 hours of the online ordering and customizing. And all these components will be appropriately tested before they are shipped, so you will have no complaints or problems once you start using it. The machine has good power supply options and uses minimal power. Some of the PCs have problem of getting heated up due to prolonged use, but the cooling fans and the systems of the machine have been designed in such a way that the machine will not get heated up even after hours of gaming. There are four options available, with different combinations. Apart from choosing the option that best suits you, you can also customize some of the features. The machine is available in black color. The machine has a greyish tint and with some of the embedded cuts and features the metallic look and luster is accentuated.

You can choose from a number of processors. The lowest level processor you can have is Core i3-4330. You can choose a higher level processor also according to your need. The graphics have been enhanced with the use of 1 GB Nvidia GTX 750 GPU graphic card. The performance has been phenomenal. The processor has been powered by 8 GB of RAM to give you a good gaming experience. The machine comes with a storage space of 500 GB. The Operating System that runs on the machine is Windows 8.1. This is preloaded in the system. The highest version of the processor that you can have is the Core i5 4570 processor.

Overall the machine is a powerful and feature packed desktop PC ideal for an exemplary gaming experience.

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