Cyber power zeus mini one-stop for gaming

Zeus MiniCyberPowerPC is one of the leading computer desktop manufacturers. The Company is into manufacturing and distribution of various customized high-end gaming desktop computers, laptop, notebooks, and unique game consoles. The targeted customers are gamers, educational institutions, businesses and government organizations.

Now, they have come out with Cyber power zeus mini, a gaming PC. This would definitely provide a one-stop solution for people who love extreme gaming. The features are designed as such it withstands a good load. This desktop computer is powered by Intel Core processor. The processor gives out multi-core support. There is an alternate to the Intel standard processor. That comes from AMD’s Kaveri. The clock speed is set at 3.5 GHz. Even this offers multi-core support. RAM is designed as DDR3 type RAM. DDR3 type RAM is an effective type of RAM where it offers great speed for gaming purpose. And this gives a capacity up to 16 GB. Each and every part of the system is built keeping in mind the gaming aspects. The graphics processor is designed so well to face the gaming challenge. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 700 Series makes the magic. As, the graphics support is the most significant part in gaming. The whole cabinet is just 4.4 * 17.4 * 13 inches. So, it is clear how sleek it is!

It operates on Windows 8. Hard drive capacity is extremely high and gives 500 TB. It comprises of both USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports. HDMI output ports are also available as an added advantage. It facilitates the user to get it connected to TV. Gaming process becomes cool. There is Bluetooth connectivity provided. The green LED striped along one of the sides gives a special glow to the cabinet. It is also changeable with red colour. This brightens the internal components. The DVD drive is designed as an optical drive. There is a CPU coolant and CPU is kept cool with Cooler Seidon 120M.

The main advantage of the system is that it is very compact. The sleek model is described as the Small Form Factor (SSF). Though this model is becoming popular, the gaming purpose PC offering this feature is a great relief. It looks very thin and small. It is also ready for intense gaming. It is specially made of gaming with high performance components. The components and performance are not just high put also top-notch. The PC customizes itself with each and very order well. It matches the exact requirements of the customer. And these types of systems are much better than the ones designed and assembled at home.

It has certain drawbacks too. The case looks very cramped. May be it is becausetoo many components are tried to be given in a compact set up. And also, it is not that easily upgradable. It is not that easily repairable. The user might have to re-think if the cost for the whole system without being these facilities is worth? It is too noisy at times, when the load exceeds.

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