Vertu constellation new Phone to Look at

vertuVertu, a Britain based company is into manufacturing of luxury handsets. It was once a wholly owned subsidiary of Nokia. Later, Nokia had sold that off and just retained about only ten percent of it. But the handsets are continued to be made only by Nokia even now. This could serve as a short glimpse for people who are new to hear this name – Vertu.


Vertu Constellation–this is the second Android based smart phone by Vertu. The first one doesn’t seem to be this gorgeous, but this does it. The most attractive part of the phone is its design. Anyone would just sit and wonder how a smart phone can be made at this cost. It costs about $6000. The other technical specs are just the usual ones, but the look and feel aspects have lots to make the phone this rich.The screen display is the sapphire crystal which almost takes 15 days to manufacture it. It is made so diligently that only a diamond piece can make a scratch over it. This is so exclusive that the Company has used all the richness in it like stainless steel, carbon fiber, ceramics, etc. The world’s finest leather is been used in the fabrication. This is specially designed to give the phone its softness. For making the body outer part, it is said that they actually use 18k gold, platinum along with diamonds. The keys in the keypad are cut down from Sapphire.


The technical specifications of the phone are the usual ones. The richness lies only with the design but the internal technicalities remain the same. It is the 4.3 inches screen display, with almost 720 pixels resolution. It is made with grade-5 titanium, the world’s strongest and lightest metal. It is powered by 1.7 GHz processor which is dual core snapdragon processor. It has a 32 GB non – expandable storage. The battery is sealed and is 1800 mAh capacity. The camera is the most advantage. It is 13 megapixels in its rear side. It also has a 1.3 megapixel front facing camera. The system operates on Symbian^3 OS, also upgradable to Nokia Belle OS. The official dimensions of the phone are at 118.2 x 54.5 x 12.2 mm. It weighs quite light for all the decorations which are164g. Thescreen type is capacitive which is obvious! The splendid handset will definitely won’tstrain the user.


Leaving alone the design and talking about the other specs, there are few advantageous factors. Is it needed to say? Even the usual smart phone has Accelerometer, proximity sensor and compass. Why not this stunning piece? The screen resolution is very good. It is very elegant. The titanium body is very durable which is an added advantage is. The sapphire screen is not at all scratch able. The camera resolution is an added advantage.

There are a few drawbacks too for this grand creation. The battery is not removable. The storage capacity is not at all expandable, inbuilt being 32 GB though. And the cost… it a drawback?

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