IPhone 5 Black Diamond Unveiled

iphone 5 black diamondStuart Hughes is one of the very well known and respected person around the world. No he hasn’t done anything worthy or famous. He is just a Liverpool-based jeweller. He is known for crafting luxury Apple devices. Many of these devices are covered in some of the precious metals and rare stones that can be found on the planet. After leaving his mark on us by making the diamond iPhone 4, Gold iPad 2 and Platinum MacBook Air, he has now left us bewildered with his new creation – A Black Diamond iPhone 5 which costs a fortune at £10,000,000.00

There are various rumours that a Chinese businessman, who had contacted Stuart Hughes about his gold iPhones. He was the sole owner of the black diamond and commissioned Hughes for the making of the handset.

It took Hughes a good 9 weeks to build the custom made iPhone 5. The complete device has been made by hand and at no part use of machines was done. The outside casing of the phone is made up for 24-carat gold. Also the home button consists of a single, deep cut and flawless black diamond weighs in at 26 carat.

The Apple logo on the backside and the corners of the iPhone are built using the white diamonds. It is encrusted with more than 600 precious stones, out of which, a total of 53 are used in the Apple logo at the back. The iPhone has about 135 grams of 24ct gold and also includes a sapphire glass set in the screen.

This wasn’t the first time in the history that the Apple brand has got some luxurious treatment. Hughes had also created the limited-edition (100 units) iPhone5. They were decked in 18-carat gold with a very fine gold and diamond finishing. Those limited edition iPhones also boasted of a diamond studded Apple logo. Also Apple’s iPad was too flaunted by not only the very precious and rare stones and metals but also with a T-REX’s thigh bone and a more than 75-million year old rock. It was then dubbed as the world’s most expensive iPad 2 by History Edition and was built with around 2kgs of gold and several rare diamonds. Not only Apple, Hughes has also created other beauties in the form of Diamond Nokia E7, Diamond Blackberry storm 2 and many more from the two companies.

If you think that the price of the phone is a tad to costly for you, there are also some simpler versions of the device too. They are made of gold and can be bought for the much easier to swallow $33,800. This Black diamond iPhone is certainly a dream to even see for mere mortals like us. But at the price of $15 million, it can also leave a huge hole in to the pockets of some of the world’s wealthiest CEO’s. If by anyhow someone is lucky enough to get the phone, you can always give me this rare Phone as a token of gift.

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