Apple Macbook Air 13-inch Arrives with more Features and More Comfort

apple macbook airThe new MacBook Air 13-inch has created a great hype among the tech savvies. The great device costs $ 100 less than its predecessor. However, it comes with more. Special thanks to none other than Intel’s new Haswell chip. Apple claims that the latest version comes with up to 5 hour’s battery life inside the same svelte aluminum design. However, there is not much of difference when it comes to look and display. The only setback is that there is no retina display here. The latest Air ($1,099) comes with faster flash memory, in-built graphics and the latest and greatest 802.11ac Wi Fi.

The latest version appears in modern classic sturdy aluminum unibody chassis. What is more impressive is its swooping curves and the generously sized front lip for opening the lid. However, there are not much of changes in the look of the latest model. It remains as usual – cool and composed. With every passing year, expectation is on the rise. Different color, different materials, varieties of chassis are there to wow the world.

Just like before, the latest version packs in USB 3.0 port and headphone jack, MagSafe 2 power connector to its left side. On the other hand the right side houses the Thunderbolt port, second USB 3.0 port and SD Card Slot, etc.

Apple Macbook Air 13-inch boasts of a 1440 x 900-pixel resolution display. There are some other ultraportable laptops coming with great HD screen and higher resolution for example, Toshiba Kirabook (2560 x 1440 pixels) which costs $ 1,599. The redefined MacBook Pro (2560×1600) packs in Retina 13-incher and the costing starts from $1,499.

Here you will get the MacBook Air’s speakers underneath the keyboard. Here you are going to enjoy the rich and loud audio. For a life time experience, consider the somber piano in the “Man of Steel”.

While UltraBook finds it a little difficult to grab the market with its keyboards, Apple maintains its goodwill in the market. The Air’s spacious layout offers excellent travel and snappy feel. The action keys are great as placed in the top row for adjusting the screen brightness, volume Launchpad and Mission Control. Key backlight strength is simply great and certainly calls for appreciations.


  • Faster flash memory
  • Excellent keyboard and touchpad
  • Very long battery life
  • Improved graphics performance
  • Relatively loud speakers
  • Great webcam


  • Fan can get noisy when playing games
  • Lower-res screen than competition
  • Competing ultra portables are lighter

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