Robert Capa Share His Experience with Camera on Head for the Picture

the-falling-soldier-big-capaRobert Capa is a renowned celebrity when it comes to photography. He is one of the most celebrated photographers that the industry has at the moment. He has recently concluded that if the photographer does not click a good picture, it simply implies that he was not close enough to take the photo.

Robert Capa’s falling soldier picture has gained popularity over the years. This picture was taken by him in the Spanish Civil War. There were many speculations about the picture being fake and staged. However, after so many years of silence, Robert Capa’s interview from 1940 has surfaced the industry that finally explains the secrets regarding that picture. In the interview, he explained all the aspects of the picture that many thought had been staged.

Robert Capa had appeared in the NBC radio show called “Hi! Jinx” in the year 1947. He stated in the interview that he could never spot the picture in the frame as the camera was way above his head.

In the interview, he explained further about the picture. He recounted that while staying in a trench in Andalusia, Spain when the soldiers had been planning a machine post attack, there were attempts at raiding the gunpost, but these attempts were made unsuccessful.

He managed to take the picture of the falling soldier in the Spanish civil war but he considered himself lucky for getting out of the danger zone. However, Robert Capa could not survive the atrocities of war and was killed in the war of Southeast Asia in 1954.

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