Tiny HD Video Camera iON Air Pro 3 Announced

ion-air-Pro 3An ample of rugged HD video cameras has been announced this season and another camera has joined the league of tiny HD video cameras with Wi-Fi feature. This camera would measure 1.5*4.2 inches and the name of this anticipated video camera is iON Air Pro 3. It will be cylindrical in shape. It is quite similar to its competitor GoPro, but the only difference lies in the shape as GoPro possesses a square shape.

This rugged video camera can capture images at 12MP and videos at 1080p. The camera is promoted as an extreme video making device that can be submerged into water up to 49 feet. There will be an ample of accessories that will be available with the camera. It will cost the user a minimal amount of 349 USD, and it’s a strong answer to its competitor which is 50 USD more expensive than this camera. However, the specifications of both the cameras are pretty similar. Another striking feature of this camera is that it integrates well with smartphones and can be controlled by the same. There is an app which is fully dedicated to be aligned with the camera and synchronize well with the same.

The camera can be used by professionals as well as the regular customers. The free cloud storage as well as Wi-Fi connectivity is the top features of this video camera. There are iON PODZ system thin discs that are attached to the camera with the help of which it becomes very light weighted. The camera works with Android devices and also for iOS. This can be made possible with the help of dedicated app in the name iON. The camera will also integrate well with the social networks, so the user will not have to wait longer until he uploads the images on his facebook or any other social media.

More features of this incredible camera include the 2.5+ hour long battery capacity. Therefore, the user can keep the camera working for longer hours without any interruption. There will be a 160 degree angled view, with the help of which the user will be able to click top class images. The cylindrical shape of the camera makes it very easy to grip and handle. It is certainly the most anticipated camera of the season and iON has great expectations from this new camera. We will have to wait and see how this camera fares in the photography market upon arrival.

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