Disgaea D2 is Available for the Playstation 3

This is a quick review of this recently launched Disgaea D2:  A Brighter Darkness PS3 game after playing several chapters. New features and the changes they have made with this title are explained bellow, so stay tuned.

Story takes place immediately following the events of first games. It features several character that have become a staple for this franchise, including Laharl and Etna. However, if you have not played this game before, don’t worry even a bit because it does have its own stand-alone story. All the Disgaea titles have really wacky stories and this won’t be any different.  It does a good job exploring the relationship between the main characters while also properly introducing some new characters. But for some the cut scenes may seem more like distraction.

This title has enjoyable micromanagement and the combat and they have made a lot of really cool changes that has enhanced both of those categories. For those who are new to this series will be welcomed with some of the great tutorials. The best one may see in any of the Disgaea games today. Everything is properly explained. And even if the game would still be overwhelming for new-to-Disgaea players, you should be able to pickup previews strategy RPG really quickly as the basics are explained really well throughout the first chapter.

One of the most noticeable differences between this title and any that has come in Disgaea series is the new highly polished HD graphics. The presentation is a lot easy on the eyes. The special characters moves in a snap to camera back and forth and appeared lot smoother while still remaining crisp. The environment use a lot of lighter colors and the backgrounds in some textures have almost a watercolor look to them. The menus were pleasing to look at and the texts were easy to read.

The Item World has a lot more variety and color to it. You are not travelling across bland and burned ground anymore. Each time you start start-off on item world level, you select a ship (before you enter) and you use that as your strong point. You first start the game from small boat and then get to progress to larger ships.  You are going to notice right away that in this new title you have a lot more freedom with the individual character customization and there growth.

As far as difficulty goes, this Disgaea game slightly more difficult when compared to any other past additions, especially in early in the game. As the level ups you would feel the difficulty growing. The importance to additional characters added to it will also become obvious as you complete few starting levels.

This is in a way the ultimate Disgaea game. They added enough new features to set this one apart from anything that has come before, while keeping the core of what makes these titles fun to play. Once you start playing the game the time will fly by. Such games are made with a lot of secrets and different ways to complete the level thus loosing track of time is natural. If you have never played Disgaea game in past, this game is the one to start with. With these titles, you always get more than your money’s worth, and with near endless hours replay ability and this installment is no exception. I highly recommend picking this one up if you enjoy these types of games.

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