Amazon has launched a new Barcode Scanner

We generally see Amazon as a company that makes some reliable electronic devices such as inverters, batteries, barcode scanners, etc. It has all the ability to stand in a market depending on their performances. The world is going so hectic and sophisticated therefore it becomes very difficult to fulfil the needs of the customers. But Amazon knows how to fulfil the need of the customer that’s why they develop unique and very different devices like bar code scanner, long-lasting batteries, etc. When we talk about its design, we found that their design is not so attractive but devices are reliable and long lasting. Amazon provides you the best warranty and guarantee periods on their products.

Now let’s talk about this particular product barcode scanner. We see that Amazon developed different types of barcode scanners as per the need of the generation. Earlier the barcode scanners were very simply designed and don’t have any exclusive features. It scans only black and white barcode which is basically used only in cash counters and if the barcode is too large then they fail to scan the barcode. Then the latest barcode scanners were introduced in the market, it has an ability to scan color barcodes with any of the size. There are many types of Barcode Scanners introduced in the market by Amazon, some of them are: USB Automatic Barcode Scanner, Scanning Barcode Bar-code Reader with Hands Free Adjustable Stand (Black),Amazon Wireless Cordless Handheld Bar-code Bar Code Scanner Reader Kit, Black Amazon Black USB Automatic Sensing and Scan Wired Handheld Laser Barcode Scanner Amazon Laser Wireless Bluetooth Barcode Scanner (Laser Wireless Bluetooth & USB2.0 Wired) USB Rechargeable, Socket Mobile 7Ci CX2870-1409 Bluetooth Cordless Hand Scanner (CHS), Epson C11CD28201 Expression Photo XP-950 Wireless Color Photo Printer with Scanner and Copier, Amazon Handheld LED Single-Line Laser Barcode.


Amazon is also trying to stand in the mobile market so they also developed mobile scanner apps in smart phones such as Nokia windows phone, Samsung Android phones, I-phones, etc. You can download the Amazon barcode scanner app from Google play, app store, etc. Amazon also introduced dash, the barcode-scanner which is made for only domestic purpose. Amazon recently put up a page for shopping accessories for free to limited Amazon users. Dash is a device of 6- inches and long plastic stick includes a microphone for voice search and a barcode scanner. It directly connects with your computer and mobiles through Wi-Fi connection. They currently accept application from Dash tester, which needs to be in one of the three Amazon markets: Seattle, San Francisco, and Southern California.

Amazon has taken very long time to attach with the Smartphone app, but the dash is more closely resembling with scanning accessory that appeared in 2012 by Kick-starter.  It doesn’t provide you anything that you couldn’t theoretically do with your smart phone, but it provides a way to do it with one touch finger, and it is designed little bit harder than the iphone or any Nexus device. You can get all the Amazon products from your near by Amazon store.




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