Google+ to Offer New Imaging Features to Photographers

Google PlusGoogle+ has remained to be friendly with the photographers from the beginning. In its new bid, it has vowed to introduce new imaging features to its website. It has been announced in San Francisco today at an event. Google+ is ready to be a boon for the aspiring as well as the professional photographers.

The features that are expected to be included in Google+ are, full resolution photo backups for iOS users and a better search with the help of photo recognition software. The imaging tools will also go through a makeover. These new features have been accompanied with some interesting statistics given by Google. Media was informed that Google+ currently gives its services to over 540 million users. These users upload 1.5 billion photos every week, which is quite impressive. These stats are considered to be a part of the promotional stint.

Take a look at some of the new imaging features that will be included in Google+:

  • The novice photographers will be able to enjoy the full size backups and background sync services offered by Google+ very soon. It will be easier for the people to just create a backup of the pictures that they take.
  • With the help of picture recognition software, Google+ will now be able to recognize the pictures in a funny way. These pictures will range from a bat to cricket and to everything you may imagine of.
  • The users will now be able to edit their images while on the move. The speed with which user will be able to edit the images is incredible. The HDR scape filter effect is something which is looked forward to in the market. It will be featured in Google+ soon.
  • Analog Efex Pro will soon be added to the Nik Collection. Having this software, the user will now be able to reimagine the pictures with the help of classic cameras and other processing methods. There will be vintage effects too.


All the above mentioned features have been embedded in the “Auto Awesome” tool of Google+. A strobe like effect can also be experienced for objects in Google+ with the help of “Action” button. With the help of “Eraser” button, the user is able to eliminate all the tourists featured in the picture. All these features are quite new and entertaining.

This step is supposed to be doing wonders for Google+, but we will have to wait and see how it fares the destiny of Google+ in the nearest future.

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