Nikon D610 Unveiled its Release date and Price tag

Nikon D610Nikon has been instrumental in launching an array of cameras this season and it has proved its point yet another time by launching D610 model. Nikon D610 is a 24.3 megapixel camera that has been rated above Nikon D600 in many ways than not. There are some strong reasons to support this statement. Nokia D610 can endorse shooting speeds up to 6 frames per second in FX as well as DX formats as compared to Nokia D600, which provides shooting speeds up to 5.5 frames per second. This is an innovation carried about by the Japanese Camera maker and the Nikon fans would like to upgrade their camera to D610.

The perfectly designed sound mechanism of this camera eliminates the sound produced by its mirror return mechanism. It is done with the help of Quiet release burst mode which is an essential feature of Nikon D610.

Not only this, Nokia D610 also paves way for Nikon D4’s multi-cam 4800 39 point autofocus system. It integrates well with lenses that are up to f/8 combined open aperture. The striking feature of Nikon D610 somehow remains to be its ability to click superb pictures under the moonlight.

The user can select or even configure the coverage with the help of 9-, 21 or 39 point settings available in the camera. There are several modes like dynamic area AF mode that are embedded under AF mode, which help maintaining the right focus on small and tiny objects while taking the pictures.

The EXPEED 3 image processor is also equipped with this camera that ensures a fruitful photography experience for the user. There are more features that make an essential paart of this camera. These features include Nikon’s advanced screen recognition, which helps the camera to recognize and detect human faces without any hassles. This ability of the camera also helps to improve the auto focus of the camera and produce great results.

The users can also shoot full HD movies with the option of 30p, 25p, 24p, 60p or 50p.

Release date and Price:

After a lot of speculations and rumors, the release date of Nikon D610 has finally surfaced. It is available for sale from 18 October onwards. The new release of Nikon will carry a price tag of 1999.95 USD without the 24-85mm lens and 2,599 USD with the lens.

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