iPad Pro asks to get ready for an unmatched experience

ipad proWith competition growing in the Tablet’s market and an increasing pressure of expanding its product line-up, Apple is trying to go big this time. It is reportedly working on a new display panel technology, which may be introduced with the iPad Pro. It would be featuring a stunning 12.9 inch LCD Retina display and the resolution can be even more than its 2K and 4K panels, in the same iconic design. This large sized tablet is likely to have a 4096 x 3072 resolution screen, which means you would be viewing eye-popping videos and seeing crisp pictures on a screen that is clearer than a 4K Ultra high definition TV. The Apple iPad Pro could be visualized as an altogether different gadget presented by Apple, because apart from casual iPad features, it would also provide the features of a personal computer. You can read with it, learn with it, have fun with it, work with it and do almost everything and that too on a larger screen.

Apart from the many brilliant features that Apple provides with its gadgets, there are few other expected features too. The iPad Pro would be featuring a better keyboard cover for a better experience. It would have a better pressure sensitivity than its predecessors. The deeper color along with high resolution would give a crisp and sharp screen display. The expected 4K rear camera would be more than sufficient to enable the best quality video recording and clicking high definition pictures. The FaceTime front camera is also sufficient for having a clear video call and clicking high quality self-portraits. To support the best quality display and applications, there would be a stronger battery as well, which is expected to have a longer life and provide even longer backup. Adding to these features, the iPad is expected to be waterproof as well, which means you can enjoy it even while in bath tubs. With only 7 mm thickness, the only care you need to take is not to mistake it for a few sheets of paper. The front would feature only one button with a finger scanner that would scan your fingerprint. This would bring a new revolution in Tablet technology.

Apple iPad Pro would be running on the powerful iOS 8 operating system. It is likely to have a quad-core A8 processor with a quad-core GPU that could support any HD game and videos, which means there would be no lag or stutter while playing games, viewing high definition videos or while browsing the internet. It would provide various connectivity options such as Wi-Fi using hotspot and 4G LTE, which would enable a much faster mode of file and data transfer. The iPad Pro would be available in various storage size variants ranging from 64GB to 256GB internal storage memory. People are desperately waiting for the launch of this gadget in the market. With a narrower bezel and sharper edges, this stunningly amazing product by Apple is likely to be released in September 2014 with an approximate price of $600.

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