Iphone 6 to have Sapphire Coating

iphone 6 With the advancement in the technology, various bigger brands are also making an improvement in their smart phones now. If we talk about the display only, earlier simple hard touch was present in the smart phones and then it got advanced with the Super AMOLED display. After this it got improved when Corning Gorilla glass came into the smart phones. Till now this Gorilla glass is used in the bigger smart phones from the company as it provides better security of the display and scratch resistant display. But now the first biggest brand of the mobile industry, Apple has decided to release its Iphone 6 with the Sapphire coating in its display. This is decided to give more protection to the phone. This Sapphire coating will be scratch resistant and will not break easily. So for the bigger phones, this advanced technology will be used initially by the Apple and then by other major brands. So the Apple users have to take a close look about the Iphone 6 launch so that they can use the highly protective phone from Apple.

Earlier there were rumours that Iphone 6 will launch in month of May this year but this speculation is not true as suggested by the Company. Now Apple has decided to get separated from the Gorilla glass and will use the Sapphire coating in its new Iphone 6. Till now Sapphire coating was used in the high- tech watches which were scratch resistant and have high durability. But now Apple has decided to use this same coating in its smart phone as well. Earlier this Sapphire coating was used in the lens of the camera of Iphones which increased the durability of its smart phones as we all know.

iphone 6

The Iphone 5S fingerprint sensor also used this Sapphire coating. GT Advanced is the company which had made a deal with the Apple for the Sapphire coating in its smart phone and is expected to earn a lot through this deal. For the first six months it is expected to earn $500 to $700 Million for doing the Sapphire coating in Iphone 6. Coating with Sapphire is approximately 4 times costlier than the Gorilla coating. The phone can release in September 2014 as per the shipment from GT Advanced. So again the Apple users have to wait for Iphone 6 for little long time.

Now it is expected that after looking to Apple other bigger brands will also switch over to Sapphire coating in their smart phones and there is no harm in that. This will only increase the protection of the smart phones but will also increase the cost of the smart phones. If a user is paying more than 30000 INR for their smart phones then they expect more protection for their phones and Sapphire coating will help to do so. So according to me, this Sapphire coating should be used in the phones that cost more than 30000 INR at least. Anyhow this is the great initiative by the Apple and it will also increase its brand name and value.

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