Nokia X Plus Smart phone Launched

Nokia- plusNow Nokia is trying something different to stay in the race of the leading smart phone manufacturing companies. Nokia is only reliable to its Lumia series but now the company is trying something different and has announced the launch of its android phones in the market. After this company has been sold to Microsoft, from then onwards, it is trying to do something unique so that this company remains the top manufacturers of the smart phones. Earlier Nokia also launched the Windows phone but now it has decided to launch the Android phones as well. The company also knows very well that the demand of Android phones is more than the Windows phone and to survive in the market it has to launch its Android phones. The detailed features of this Nokia X plus phone are discussed below.

This new Nokia X plus has got 4 inches display size with 480 * 800 pixels of screen resolution. This phone is just an experiment by the company to see the response of its phones in the Android version. After this the company will definitely launch some high specifications smart phones. This phone will also be available in less range. The weight of this phone is 128 grams and it will be very comfortable in handling this phone. This phone will be available in various colours just to give variety to the customers. Black, White, yellow, bright red, green, cyan are some of the colour options available in this phone. In the Lumia also the company launched the phone in such colour options.

Now we will discuss about the technical specifications of this phone. These phone supports 1 GHz dual core processors with 768 MB RAM. Although the processor is not looking impressive but the Nokia phones are quite efficient. This will be not one of the fast processing phones but then also it will be quite efficient. It has 4 GB internal memory space and also supports memory card which is expandable to 32 GB. This phone will run on Android 4.1.2 operating system which is the latest operating system in Nokia smart phones. It also has 3.15 mega pixel rear cameras but it doesn’t support the front camera.

Bluetooth, GPS, FM radio, USB port are some of the features that are supported by this phone. It has 1500 mAh battery which is quite impressive for the Nokia phones. Nokia phones have very good battery life and can work for a day even. The expected price of this phone is 9500 INR. This is the minimum range smart phone in Android which is launched by the company. This phone will launch in the month of February only. This phone is just the start by the company to enter in the Android world. Now after the response of this phone the company will decide whether it want wants to manufacture some high specifications smart phone or not. Now also people trust this brand blindly so there is the possibility that this phone will do a great business as it is available in less range also.


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